[Popular with overseas tourists]「Onyado Nono Sendai」Room/natural hot spring review[1/2]


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This time, we will introduce this recommended hotel in Sendai.
[Popular with overseas tourists]「Onyado Nono Sendai」
Room/natural hot spring review[1/2]

In this article, I will share my impressions from staying at Onyado Nono Sendai!

Nono Sendai is the best hotel where you can feel the Japanese atmosphere.

In the first part (this article), we introduce the hotel’s services, including the rooms and hot springs. In the second part, we will introduce the best Japanese breakfast in Sendai.

What you can learn from this article
  • Introducing many photos of the “room” of ” Onyado Nono Sendai”
  • Atmosphere and facilities of “Onyado Nono Sendai”

Accommodation record 1st day

Nono Sendai has three characteristics!

  • I am used to dealing with foreign tourists.
  • Enjoy the Japanese atmosphere with your whole body, including tatami mats and an open-air bath!
  • Japanese breakfast food is the best! All-you-can-eat seafood bowl and tempura!

We will introduce Japanese breakfast in the next article!

[15:00~] Check-in

This hotel is about 12 minutes walk from Sendai Station!

1 minute walk from Hirose-dori Station on the Namboku Subway Line!

No shoes allowed inside the facility! Japanese style!
Put your shoes in the shoe locker!

The floor is tatami style with a Japanese concept! Fluffy!

Check in at the front desk.

Available in various languages ​​such as English and Chinese! peace of mind!

[15:00~] Moderate double room

This time, we will introduce the “Moderate Double Room”!

Around the bed

I was impressed when I arrived at the room.
It’s very clean and the equipment is new…

It’s based on the concept of a Japanese-style room, so it’s very relaxing…

I’ll introduce you to the room in detail.

The first thing you see is a double bed!

Fluffy! It’s a really comfortable futon

A charging terminal under your pillow is essential for charging your smartphone!
Compatible with one USB and one outlet!

A chair with a tatami motif that is perfect for relaxing,
There’s a small table!

Of course, there’s also a TV!
With its large size, you can enjoy it without any problems!

There is a work space next to the TV.

Other equipment

The latest air purifier (with humidification function) is also available in the room!

Air conditioners are important in Japan! Comfortable as there is no smell!

Around the sink

Next is the washstand!

There is a refrigerator and kettle under the sink.

There are welcome fruits and bottles of water in the fridge! What a nice service!

And a cup with a Japanese design!

Next, the restroom and shower room!

The restrooms are well cleaned,
There was no particular smell!

It’s scheduled to open in 2022, so it’s very clean and neat!

Natural hot spring bath(15:00-10:00)


Next, one of the strengths of Nono Sendai,
Introducing the natural hot spring “Morito no Yu”!

Natural hot spring “Morito no Yu”


A high-spec hot spring with both indoor and outdoor baths!


It also has a sauna and a TV!
A sauna with a high temperature of nearly 100 degrees,
There is a water bath with a low temperature of nearly 10 degrees, perfect equipment!

(Closed from 1:00am to 5:00am)


Since the equipment is new,
Everything is nice and clean! I was very satisfied!

Lounge service

If you have a plan that includes lounge service,
you can enjoy unlimited alcohol and soft drinks!

Lounge service is available on the official website or for those who have a plan with lounge service!
If you would like to apply additionally, it is available for 1100 yen/person!
[Time 18:00~21:00]

Please read the article below for details.

Free service

Welcome drink (1F lobby)

All you can drink hot coffee as a welcome drink!

Location: 1F lobby

There’s a warm towel next to the coffee! rare!

Ice cream after bathing, lactic acid bacteria

After taking a bath,
You can have popsicles or lactic acid drinks!
Of course it’s free!

Ice candy from 17:00 to 25:00

Lactic acid bacteria drinks from 5:00 to 9:00!

Midnight Noodles

“Yonaki Soba” (soy sauce ramen) is free every night from 21:30 to 23:00!

You can make it on the spot at the restaurant on the 2nd floor!

I got it as takeout!
It had a light soy sauce base and was delicious!

Surprisingly, you can drink soft drinks and hot drinks for free as a hidden service!
You can also take it back to your room!


This time, we introduced this recommended hotel in Sendai.
[Popular with overseas tourists]「Onyado Nono Sendai」
Room/natural hot spring review[1/2]

The longest part of this hotel
I will introduce the breakfast and accommodation summary for the second day in the next article!

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